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Eight Reasons To L4V Hook Lock

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If you own an LEVC van and are looking to get the most secure degree of security, consider installing a Hook Lock. This mechanical deadlock is one of the most sought-after security upgrades. It is fitted to all doors and is one of the most effective methods to prevent theft and vandalism. LEVC engineers have been approached by the company to develop bespoke products. They can develop custom solutions for each van with their custom service.

Hook Lock is a mechanical deadlock

In the variety of van security options The L4V Hook Lock is one of the most well-known. This mechanical deadlock extends into the receiving keep of a van to protect it from door spreading. The L4V Hook Lock can lock with a high security key even when the vehicle manufacturer's locking system is compromised. This allows it to be used on side-load, cab and rear doors.

This mechanical deadlock is suitable for Van hook locks vans that have doors with barn-style. They are easy to use thanks to their bottom latch. The L4V Hook Lock can be utilized on several vans including a Ford Transit Custom. Its unique design makes it highly suitable for doors with barn-style designs since it will stop doors from being 'peeled up and unlocked.

It is a very popular security upgrade

LOCKS4VANS sells the L4V Hook Lock, which is one of the most requested security improvements for land rover key hook vans. The hook lock extends into the receiving keep of the bodywork and offers superior security against door spreading. L4V hook locks can be used to be locked using an extremely secure key, which is not the case with traditional van door locks. This is a very effective security enhancement for vans that are frequently accessed by a driver.

L4V has been committed for many years to reduce van crime and has invested a total amount of PS2.5 million into an R&D facility. They discovered that thieves prefer to believe that one door is shut and another is open. The company is also ahead of the curve when it comes to anticipating their future targets, which include electric and hybrid vehicles. The possibility of theft will be significantly reduced by having L4V devices installed in vans.

Locks 4 Vans has also launched the combined high hook lock and anti-peel kit that is available for Ford Custom vans. These kits aim to tackle the rising number of 'peel-and-stole attacks, where thieves use brute force to remove the doors from the van. By securing the door's interior the L4V hook lock will provide more security and deterrence for the gangs that use this tactic.

It is a high-level deadlock

A high-level deadlock, or L4V hook lock is designed to provide flexibility to the operator and extra security when required. When the door is shut when the door is closed, the Slamlock automatically locks and is only accessible to an individual with a high-security key. Optional L4V Anti-Peel kits are available to prevent the doors to the side from falling apart. The L4V Hook Lock attaches to the top of the door to sideload.

The L4V Hook Lock is a mechanical deadlock that operates independently of the VN5 locking system. It is activated with an external high-security lock that is controlled by the driver. It can be connected to the cabin door, sideload door, or the rear load door. It is perfect for secure, regular cargo access. It is also ideal for vans with drivers who need to rely on the security of their cargo.

It can be installed on all doors.

The L4V Hook Lock works independently from the VN5 locking mechanism, offering an additional mechanical deadlock, which can be operated with a driver-controlled, external high-security key. It is fitted to all doors including the front load door, side load doors, as well as the cabin. It is designed to allow for regular safe access to cargo including the cabin. It also safeguards the vehicle from the risk of the driver forgetting to lock the cargo door.

The L4V Hook Lock can be fitted to all doors and van hook locks provides a strong visual deterrent. This lock is soldd secure gold standard approved and provides greater security when needed. All doors in the L4V range can have hook locks made of L4V. They are simple to install and compatible with other van brands. They are available in various styles to fit every vehicle.

The L4V Hook Lock is a popular van security option that can be fitted to the rear door, cab and side doors. In contrast to other locks, this device is completely independent of the locking system of the vehicle. This unique design permits the hook and the hook to be secured to the highest point of a door without having remove metal from structural components. It is designed to stop forced entry using the "peel and steal" method of entry. The L4V Hook Lock also features key matching services.

It is connected to the Ford Custom

If you have a side loader on your Ford Custom, the L4V hook lock will protect it from peeling. These hook locks are available in both low and high-level versions. L4V hook locks are anti-peel plates that can prevent door peeling and provide an additional layer of protection. This product was specifically designed to prevent peeling of doors and will fit in an elevated position on the side load door.

The Ford Custom's L4V hook lock is a certified locking system by Thatcham. This lock can be used as visually deterrent and an effective security measure. Each lock is keyed the same therefore it can only fit on one vehicle. If you are installing the L4V hook lock make sure you choose the door and land rover key hook vehicle options carefully to avoid damage or theft.

Hook Locks are the most well-known kind of van security upgrade. They are mechanical deadlocks that extend into the receiving keep of the bodywork. They offer excellent protection against door spreading and operate independently of the locking system of the van manufacturer. The hook lock is secured using high-security keys. The keys will not open the vehicle's other locks when the locking system used by the manufacturer is compromised. They will not open the door, which makes them the ideal solution for van security.

It can be connected to the VW Transporter

An L4V Hook lock is a mechanical deadlock that is operated independently from the security system in the vehicle's VN5 system. It locks the hook bolt to the body section opposite with an external key with high-security. The lock is designed to ensure regular security for access to cargo, and also protect against the driver ignoring the doors for cargo. The lock is installed on the side, rear and cabin doors of the vehicle.

This locking system is recommended for all doors with sliding doors, and in particular the side load doors. To reduce the chance of peeling off the door the lock comes with an Anti-Peel Kit. The Anti-Peel kit can be used in both HIGH and LOW positions. It is most effective when utilized in conjunction with an L4V Hook Lock. The Anti-Peel kit is available for both O/S and N/S sliding doors.

To ensure the safety of vans L4V has created custom security products specifically for the VW Transporter. These vehicles are extremely flexible. This means that security solutions must be adapted to the vehicle. L4V hook lock is designed to deliver an individual solution for each VN5 van hook locks (visit Thekeylab Co now >>>). A dual-locking system controlled by keys ensures that only the correct key is required to unlock the van.


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